A Touch of Grace

A timely invitation to a timeless calling

These courses are Igor Kufayev’s latest offerings, specifically evoked to address the unique challenges of living at this time in history.  Modern western civilization suffers from the lack of any mature evolved philosophy that addresses the problems and contradictions of everyday life. By default we are left with unconscious and vacuous ideology which is far from alignment with truth.


Through this timely unveiling of the wisdom of Tantra comes the opportunity for the serious student to consciously choose a spiritual platform which is eternal and yet specifically relevant to the problems and paradoxes that confront us daily in the modern age. In response to the needs of the time Igor has drawn forth these three specific courses on dynamic and transformational Tantric philosophy. 


The time has come when we have to transcend those “isms” and spiritual traditions that calcify to themselves and awaken to “The Path of the Heart,” a non-intellectual and direct cognition of the essence of one’s reality — one which transcends any tradition, because by definition it cannot be contained by a set of doctrines; it is simple direct knowingness itself. Abiding in a state of spontaneous absorption transcends the boundaries of any given truth.


These core courses are foundational and indispensable for the study of the Heart of one’s being. It is here that Igor recommends any and all aspirants start.  Through these offerings Igor delineates and illumines the paradox of the pathless path, dispersing preconceptions and misconceptions and revealing the essential understandings and eternally dynamic principles of Tantra.  Through his scholarly wisdom, his astute teaching ability, his cognition and his full and evident establishment in Unity, Igor enlivens these essentials and demonstrates what it means to be the living embodiment of timeless, powerful, and practical wisdom of the Heart.


It is because Igor has studied so widely, drawing from the fullest spectrum of spiritual traditions, that he has the audacity to offer these teachings to both those who do not associate themselves with any one path and those teaching professionals who have for years enjoyed deep vertical spiritual knowledge and experience. Tantra is for courageous and highly mature beings because it requires an evolved individuality to walk this path. It requires an individual who is in touch on a very deep level with one’s finest level of feeling and with that sphere from which these feelings come — the center of the Heart.

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Online Courses

Comprehensive 11 Module Program  ~ Regular price: €495 (50% scholarship possible);  Family & couple price (2 persons): €740;  Patron price (sponsor 50% scholarship for someone): €740;  We thank our patrons for their generosity.
Unfold your full Human Potential. Live in Alignment with Universal Values.
Embodied Enlightenment
Bringing Together Subject & Object in the Full Spectrum of Coalescence

Live Events

Immersions with Igor are unique, often life-changing events rooted in the age-old Tantric wisdom teachings aimed at accelerating our innermost potential, through direct guidance by the meditation master.
Immersions are the heart of this work — these residential retreats initiate and enliven a deep process of Awakening. The work cuts through conceptual layers and leads straight to the direct experience of the energies of transformation.
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Online Darshan RECORDINGS

Spiritual Guidance & Self-Realization


Free Online Q&A ~ March 12 2022


Body Of Evidence | Live Broadcast ~ May 7, 2022


Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Karma in Times of Uncertainty


Human life is Divine, not only in terms of its potentiality, but because it is a perfect manifestation of all divine impulses of nature, reflected throughout our human physiology as the universe incarnate…