This moment is a result of billions of years of evolution as well as the breaking point into the next, and on it goes ad infinitum. From point to point, pure Awareness collapses and expands back to Infinity, with as many portals of entrance as heartbeats needed to measure the time itself. For all of us now stand at the entrance of yet another rite so that we can pass through collectively, and as with all passages greater vision is required…

~ Igor Kufayev 

For more information about Igor and his teaching, please contact Steven at if you are in the Americas or Sundari Ma at for Europe and other countries.

If you would like to help organize an event with Igor, please contact Thomá-Dattatreya at thomá

Event Coordinator

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Thomá-Dattatreya Acke

Thomá-Datta serves as a coordinator for gatherings and retreats. He is based in Belgium and oversees inquiries related to live events. If you are interested in hosting or helping to organize an event with Igor, Thomá-Datta will be happy to help.

Thomá-Datta can be reached at:

Facilitator and Correspondence

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Sundari Ma Doerk

Sundari Ma based in Germany serves as a facilitator for this work and is the contact Worldwide, excluding the Americas, for inquiries about Igor and his teaching.

Sundari Ma can be contacted at: