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Dear Friend,

Being able to relate something which is not short of the most precious realisation any human being can have is a pure joy, which makes this into a truly worthwhile undertaking. And when it comes to that realisation, there is nothing that takes place outside of the domain of Kundalini. Long gone is the time when information on Kundalini was scarce and limited to selected publications known to insiders and scholars alike. Contrary to that, the internet is flooded with readymade references, lengthy articles, classical and clinical perspectives, and personal accounts, including a variety of assessments on the importance of what it is, but there is still no coherent view on what this power represents. And although Kundalini is no longer an exotic term shrouded in mystery, it is possibly the one and only word that unites all true spiritual breakthroughs across the variety of cultures throughout the ages.

Although Kundalini has firmly entered the vernacular of many languages, and despite being one of the most well known of spiritual processes, the term still remains ambiguous if not largely misunderstood, and is often misinterpreted or even dismissed in certain spiritual circles today. Some of these perspectives are biased by a lack of understanding of what the term represents in its full measure, but the reason for the often conflicting views is rooted in the complexity of the process—of how it manifests itself in terms of the bio-energetic field of the body, as well as the deeply personal nature of experiences. Another reason that the Kundalini concept turns to quicksilver, is that it represents our soul’s potential—that which animates all our experiences—and as consciousness, it cannot be reduced to an object of observation. Being the power which illumines all our feelings, thoughts, cognitive and motor processes—even as a dormant energy—Kundalini empowers all our perception. When aroused, it brings insight into the greater reality of who we are; and when fully awakened, it acts as the tour de force of spiritual transformation, without which all spiritual wisdom is but another mental concept. Full sublimation of its power consumes the dichotomy of the subject-object dynamic, along with the one who could claim it—what remains is a shimmering field of awareness awake to its own glory.

This is an invitation to partake in the unraveling of life’s greatest mystery, exemplified in consciousness coiled unto itself so as to experience what we call human being at this moment in time of our shared reality.

– Igor Vamadeva Kufayev, Mallorca, April 2021

“Thank you for your work. You have helped me on my path immensely. I’ve been going through Kundalini rising—listening to your talks has been so helpful and revealing because you share in detail about your own experiences and it is difficult to find other teachers who do that. In fact, you are one of the few teachers who inspired my devotion to Kundalini Shakti.”

– Participant of online immersion, 2020


At the core of human and of all cosmic life is the vibrant force, the quiver at the heart of all creation, emanating as a shimmering luminous ocean of sound, and manifesting as all forms and phenomena. These frequencies, in their varying degrees of vibration, are manifestations of Shakti in its cosmic and individual form. As the ebb and flow on the sea of infinity, these divine pulsations are rhythms of creation and Kundalini is the orchestrating power that moves it all in waves of bliss. And though it is the power that illumines all experiences, there is no way to grasp nor describe its brilliance when it reveals itself in the heart of men as joy personified.

Coiled upon itself, Kundalini is a spiritual energy which animates all processes in the body and all currents of vital energies, on all its levels, whilst residing in the causal body at the base of the spinal column in a self-imposed state of slumber. Often referred to as life force—which remains dormant in most human beings—when aroused it brings about the expansion of awareness, and when awakened, brings radical shifts in perception about one’s essence. It is, at once, consciousness and the kinetic power behind all creative processes, which ultimately expresses itself as human experience.


Are you serious about realizing and living your innermost potential?

Have you experienced the power and potential of Kundalini awakening, but feel stuck or haven’t fully integrated it?

Have you been wondering what the Path of the Sacred Feminine truly means and are longing to actualize your true essence?

In this course you will learn about the sacred power behind the transformation of human consciousness that opens up the possibility to unfold the fullest potential of human birth and live life from Bliss consciousness amidst the affairs of this world! Yet whilst this work is universal and open to all, irrespective of creed, race and gender, only those who are fully committed to their own progress will truly be able to benefit from it. In short, this work is for the householder, the maverick, the artist, the rebel, the pirate, welcome aboard!


Historical Perspective

  • Historic overview of the understanding and worship of Shri Kundalini Shakti in different spiritual traditions.

  • Profound knowledge and wisdom of Kundalini expounded on by an adept who experienced an awakening and its subsequent rise to Unity Consciousness firsthand.

Tantric Path & Practice

  • Deep insights into the tantric perspective on life in a human body which allows us to unfold the full human potential.

  • The importance and richness of tantric sadhana and the utilization of various means of Self-realization as outlined in Kashmir Shaiva tantra.

  • Prerequisites of the student of Consciousness and how to progress towards the goal of Self-realization and full embodiment of the Self.

Awakening & Unfolding of Kundalini

  • The role of initiation and shaktipat, also known as the transmission of spiritual energy.

  • Guidance on how to honor and work with the energy of awakening so that the process can unfold in its most graceful and intended manner. Insights and deeper understanding of the anatomy of Spirit to demystify the awakening process and dispel common myths about Kundalini.

  • Deeper meaning of spontaneous yogic processes and the rich phenomena of an authentic awakening process.

  • Insights into different stages of awakening.

Risks, Pitfalls & Dangers during Awakening

  • Profound insights into the “underbelly of awakening:” inflation of the superstructure of the Ego, depersonalization, pathologizing of the process and more.

  • How to avoid common pitfalls and traps in the awakening process.

Kundalini Care

  • Deeper understanding of the process of spiritual unfoldment and what is needed to integrate higher states of consciousness.

  • Practical guidance on what diet, lifestyle and practices are supportive to adjust the intensity of Kundalini awakening and address symptomatology of fatigue, insomnia, restlessness and oversensitivity.

  • For facilitators and instructors, the complexity of the Kundalini awakening process will be addressed from the Yogic and Tantric perspective, supported by personal insights Igor gained through decades of guiding aspirants on the path.

”Igor guided me when my personality was completely dissolved. He told me that no one could make the transition I was in without help. Whatever he did, I was strong and stable enough to continue receiving the Divine influence that shattered my mind the first time. I am well now mentally and spiritually and even understand that my body is trying to integrate the profound spiritual shifts. Thank you for this tremendous gift!”

– Participant of live immersion, 2019


The course is designed for anyone interested in realizing and living their fullest potential amidst the challenges of everyday life. It is for those eager to merge an integral spiritual path with the busy life of a householder, and who desire to bring the loftiest teaching of the realization of the Self where it rightfully belongs.

The teachings in this course on KUNDALINI are of special value to teachers and enthusiasts of yoga, as well as to scholars and those involved in spiritual work on themselves or those working as therapists in the field of psychology. The modules are especially designed to offer practical guidance and inspiration, and to make the vast knowledge of Kundalini accessible for anyone who finds him or herself in any of the following professions or situations:

  • Those who are serious about realizing and living their innermost potential amidst the “marketplace of life.”
  • Those who are undergoing a Kundalini awakening and are in need of guidance to safely proceed with the process of the transformation of consciousness.
  • Yoga Teachers and Students, Healers, spiritually-minded people of any spiritual tradition or background.
  • Facilitators, Teachers and Educators in the field of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience interested in deepening their knowledge in relation to the transformation of human consciousness.
  • Those who feel stuck after many years of spiritual practice. Those who long for spiritual breakthroughs and the personal, life-changing connection with a living adept.
  • All those interested in deepening their understanding of tantric philosophy and the Science of Self-realization.


An artist, Advaita Tantra teacher, and founder of the Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship, for over two decades Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the recognition of the fullest potential present in human birth. Many have been touched by grace and awakened in his presence, as he continues working towards building a global community to serve as a container for exploring possibilities for alternative, consciousness-based culture.

Igor has been working with kundalini emergencies and all sorts of aspects of energetic transformation for nearly two decades now, drawing on rich experience of his own process and having guided many on this path of energetic transformation.

Igor’s involvement with sacred tradition expresses itself as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination. It could be said that Igor’s teaching methods are rooted in Advaita Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism. However, having studied such diverse traditions as Vedanta, Tantra, Sufism and Zen for many years, Igor remains elusive to categorisation, maintaining that tradition is not a set of esoteric teachings and techniques, but a vibrant field of energy enlivened in the hearts of those who go through this transformative process firsthand.

Igor emphasises the psycho-physiological nature of the awakening process, pointing to the importance of purification of the nervous system from accumulated stresses, accompanied by major rewiring of neural pathways which awakens dormant areas in brain cortexes. A teacher of immense spiritual experience, Igor facilitates spiritual growth using whatever means best suit the individual student—the degree of their spiritual evolution, readiness and capacity to respond—from energetic transmission to breathwork, mantra work, self-inquiry, and emotional introspection.

Having lived a full life in the world as a successful artist, Igor as a family man is now lovingly raising his three children with his partner Amrita Ma Devi. These skills of bringing the loftiest spiritual teachings into “the marketplace of life” make Igor an exceptional teacher. Igor not only brings the rare ability to initiate others into profound tantric practice, but also safeguards his students through all stages of awakening whilst emphasizing the importance of bringing the teaching where it rightfully belongs—into this body, into one’s relationships and the all-embracing perception of this world.


The course is structured in 11 modules:

The course was released during the summer of 2021 and now stands complete and undiminished in this recorded form to be savored at your own pace. Each module is at least 2.5 hours long. 

All modules will be available for you to watch in your own time by going to the course page in your membership account.

This is the full overview of the modules:

Module 1: Opening Darshan

Module 2: The Nature of Experience and The Great Triad; Etymology of Kundalini; Three Main Paths as described by Abhinavagupta; Three Aspects of Kundalini

Module 3: Introduction to the Hamsa Meditation; Importance of Breath & Subtle Anatomy; Concept of Kundalini in other cultures and spiritual traditions; The Point of Origination; Kundalini as Consciousness; Importance of Breathing ~ other perspectives; Esoteric Anatomy of the Breath; Proper Ascent versus “Falling” Kundalini 

Module 4: The internal dimension of Breath and various Subtle Points; The Essence of Practice – the Junction Points between two Extremes; The Meaning of “coiled within” – Kundalini at “the Base of the Spine”; Introduction to the Process – Kundalini as the Breath in the Body; The Body as a Container to hold the Process; The Gunas and the Importance of Sattva; The Mind as Reflective Quality of Awareness; Reflections based on direct experiences

Module 5: 1st Q&A session

Module 6: The Subtle Body – Dwelling Place of Prana-Kundalini; Five Major Pranic Currents; Distribution of Pranic Currents in the Chakras; The Chakras – Wheels of Energy

Module 7: The Real Incentive Behind This Program; Additional notes on Sushumna and some of the Wheels of Energy; How Kundalini rises through the Chakras ~ Deeper Significance of the Central Channel, Wheels & Triangles; Symbolism of the Triangle: The Union of Fire (Knower), Sun (Knowledge), Moon (Known); The Principle Practices to Awaken Kundalini & Unfold Sushumna

Module 8: Can This Knowledge be Applied to Our Times? An Attitude of True Surrender and What it Means; An Overview of the Entire Process; The Ways of Rising & Movements of Kundalini; The Main Ways of Kundalini Rising; Psychic versus Spiritual Experiences; The Shared Consensus on Spiritual Authority and Spiritual Maturity; Involuntary Movements (Kriyas) as Outer and Inner Manifestations of the Process; The Five Phases of Vibration

Module 9: 2nd Q&A session

Module 10: Kundalini Care – Main Considerations: Mental, Environmental, Physiological & their Interconnectedness; Ayurveda ~ The Importance of Holistic Approaches and the Systematic Applications of their Methods; The Importance of Lifestyle; Living in Tune with Nature; Soma – The Mythical Substance; The Fullness of Perception

Module 11: 3rd Q&A session


When you join the course you’ll receive links to view all the Modules at leisure during a 9 months period.

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