4-Part Online Course

The Science of Self-Realization in Kashmir Shaivism

Householder Path Par Excellence – Introducing Advaita Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism. Kundalini Awakening. Self-realisation.

Who is this course for?

Though many have undergone the various stages of rise and expansion of consciousness, there is still only a vague understanding of the phenomenon. For some, the process culminated in the crowning experience of Unity; for others, the journey continues or even got arrested. The insights offered in the format of this event are for the benefit of all regardless of their status or the chosen path.

What you’ll learn

This free online immersion is an invitation to re-examine our understanding of the awakening process and how our physiology acts as a reflection of a greater reality. This ultimately leads to what could be termed as Greater Embodiment – a spontaneous flowing of Awareness awake to itself.

Total of 9 hours material in 4 parts


MODULE 1: Science of Self-Realization in Kashmir Shaivism

Delineation of the term “Tantra” and what it is versus what it is not. The relationship between Tantra and all creative processes. The main doctrines of Kashmir Shaivism: Pratyabhijna, Krama, Spanda, Kula. Significance of the term ‘svatantrya’ as Self-dependence or ‘standing as Consciousness.’ The purpose of meditation as a Tantric methodology. (duration 02 h 30 min)

MODULE 2: Kundalini, Teacher-Student, The Means (Upayas)

Three distinctively different perspectives on the tradition of guru-shishya-parampara. Various modalities of Teacher-Student relationship. How the term ‘Guru’ sits in its current cultural setting. The four-fold means (upayas) in monistic Shaivism utilized by a spiritual adept towards realisation of one’s essential reality. What is Kundalini? Dispersing conflicting perspectives and biases about awakening of Kundalini as the tour de force of spiritual transformation. (duration 02 h 23 min)

MODULE 3: Kundalini Rising & Embodied Enlightenment

Misunderstandings that accompany the term “Kundalini” and why they have been perpetuated. The various pathways that Kundalini can take upon awakening. Reconciling the tension between subject & object. Universal Egoity in Kashmir Shaivism understood through the mantra Aham Idam – “I am this.” Self-Realization as a prerequisite in Kashmir Shaivism. (duration 02h 07 min)

Module 4:. ~ Q&A ~ Healing & Trauma. Kundalini Specifics

What factors are involved in enriching this connection with the field of grace that one could tacitly feel in your presence? When does a person become your student or has the right to call you their teacher? Do you think teachers are assigned to one by destiny? How does one become part of your sangha? Is it possible that the family we live with, who are negative toward our spiritual practices, hinder our progress negatively? How does a Tantric practitioner approach desires? How to deepen the connection to field of Grace? What is the link between Kashmir Shaivism and Tantric Buddhism? How does a Tantrika approach desire? How does one become a Student of you? (duration 02 h 08 min)

What others say...

“A great introduction and in-depth explanation of Tantra.”

“As he speaks, infinite more data is flowing to us than is heard by physical senses.”

“Thanks so much for being easily digestible and wildly relevant.”

Tantra Today

  • Learn about the ancient wisdom of Tantra – accessible and applicable to the everyday householder.

  • Understand how beatitude, joy, ecstasy, enjoyment, are the very purpose of life.

  • What is the role of the body in process of awakening?

  • Get the zest of the sophisticated science of Self-realization.


An artist, Advaita Tantra teacher and founder of Flowing Wakefulness, for over two decades, Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the recognition of the fullest potential present in human birth. Many have been touched by grace and awakened in his presence, as he continues working towards building a global community to serve as a container for exploring possibilities for alternative, consciousness-based culture.

Igor’s involvement with sacred tradition expresses itself as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination. It could be said that Igor’s teaching methods are rooted in Advaita Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism. However, having studied such diverse traditions as Vedanta, Tantra, Sufism, and Zen for many years, Igor remains elusive to categorisation, maintaining that tradition is not a set of esoteric teachings and techniques, but a vibrant field of energy enlivened in the hearts of those who go through this transformative process firsthand.

Igor emphasises the psychophysiological nature of the awakening process, pointing to the importance of purification of the nervous system from accumulated stresses, accompanied by major rewiring of neural pathways which awakens dormant areas in brain cortexes. A teacher of immense spiritual experience, Igor facilitates spiritual growth using whatever means best suit the individual student—the degree of their spiritual evolution, readiness and capacity to respond—from energetic transmission to breathwork, mantra work, self-inquiry, and emotional introspection.

Having lived a full life in the world as a successful artist, Igor as a family man is now lovingly raising his three children with his partner Amrita Ma Devi. These skills of bringing the loftiest spiritual teachings into “the marketplace of life” make Igor an exceptional teacher. Igor not only brings the rare ability to initiate others into profound tantric practice but also safeguards his students through all stages of awakening whilst emphasizing the importance of bringing the teaching where it rightfully belongs—into this body, into one’s relationships, and the all-embracing perception of this world.